Stress Cracks in Trees: 3 Top Causes

When people think of stress cracks, fissures within drywall and cement often come to mind. However, trees can also experience stress cracks that damage their structure while hindering their visual appeal. Unfortunately, many Rockland, MA, residents don’t know what causes stress cracks in trees, making it difficult to prevent them before they take hold.

That’s why the experts at Top Notch Tree put together some of the most common causes of stress cracks in trees.

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3 Causes of Stress Cracks in Trees

Stress cracks develop in trees for various reasons. Some form due to environmental factors, while others suffer from pest infestations that eventually create stress cracks. Understanding the common causes of stress cracks will help you prevent them from adversely affecting your trees and determine the best treatment if one emerges.

Below are some common causes of stress cracks in trees.

Lightning Struck the Tree

It’s no secret that lightning is exceedingly dangerous and can damage anything it touches. Lightning often strikes large trees, creating severe splits that put the tree’s future at risk. However, sometimes less impactful lightning strikes cause stress cracks along the tree’s structure, reducing its integrity and appearance.


Stress cracks are also a sign of decay and can kill the tree prematurely if you don’t take swift action. When a tree experiences damage and water seeps inside the wound, it can accelerate rot, giving you an unstable tree that could pose a threat to your home, neighbors, and family. 

If you notice a stress crack within one of your trees, contact a professional arborist for immediate service. They will assess the damage and develop an efficient treatment plan that will help the tree heal.

Pest Infestations

Pests like wood borers can take a toll on a tree over time. What starts out as a small infestation quickly transforms into a serious issue that’s incredibly hard to curb. Stress cracks are a telltale sign of pest infestations, so always take action as soon as you suspect you have a pest problem.

It’s important to note that these are just some causes of stress cracks in trees. Stress cracks stem from dozens of issues, so keep that in mind if you notice cracks within your trees.

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