Top Notch Tree Care Tips

Keeping Trees Happy in the Coastal South Shore of MA

Tips on pruning, trimming, fertilization, and more topics focused on keeping your trees beautiful, safe, and healthy.

Heavy snow weight sags branches of a leafless tree in completely white, snow covered yard.

How Much Snow Weight Can Massachusetts Trees Handle?

Uncover the surprising resilience of Massachusetts trees against snow weight! Learn the limit before snowfall turns from winter wonderland to potential hazard.
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A tree trunk with a long vertical stress crack on its trunk stands in a forest.

Stress Cracks in Trees – Causes and Prevention

Don’t let your trees fall victim to stress cracks! Learn the causes of stress cracks in Massachusetts and how to prevent them.
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This broken oak in a green grassy field may have been saved with a tree risk assessment.

Are Your Trees Safe? Why You Need a Tree Risk Assessment

Don’t let dangerous trees become a liability. Learn how to keep your Massachusetts South Shore property safe with a tree risk assessment!
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A green Top Notch Tree truck sits on the road next to a suburban job site.

What’s The Best Time for Tree Pruning on the South Shore?

Discover the ideal time for tree trimming on the Massachusetts South Shore! Enhance your landscape's health and beauty with our expert tips for timing your tree pruning to maximize flowering, control growth, remove deadwood, and more.
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