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The team at Top Notch Tree performing pruning in the summer in Massachusetts.
Pruning & Trimming

Benefits of Pruning Your Ornamental Trees in Summer

There are numerous benefits to pruning your ornamental trees in summer. Learn how an arborist can improve your tree's health through regular summer trimmings.
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TNT crew doing tree pruning
Ornamental Trees

Early Spring Guide for Ornamental Tree Pruning on the South Shore

Spring on the South Shore of Massachusetts brings warmer weather and the perfect opportunity to care for your ornamental trees. Whether in Duxbury, Hanover, or Scituate, understanding ornamental tree pruning is essential for their health and beauty.
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A green Top Notch Tree truck sits on the road next to a suburban job site.
Pruning & Trimming

What’s The Best Time for Tree Pruning on the South Shore?

Discover the ideal time for tree trimming on the Massachusetts South Shore! Enhance your landscape's health and beauty with our expert tips for timing your tree pruning to maximize flowering, control growth, remove deadwood, and more.
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