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Articles focused on one of the most popular tree services – tree removal. Learn the how and why of tree removal, get familiar with the heavy equipment we use, and learn to identify when a tree should be removed from your property!

A yellow remote operated stump grinder with its rotating disc, chipping away the remaining wood of a tree stump.

Challenges of Stump Grinding on the South Shore

What makes stump grinding on the South Shore so difficult? Discover how the types of trees in our area, the soil conditions, and the way our roads and towns are laid out affect your ability to remove a tree stump, and how to overcome these challenges.
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Top Notch Tree crew doing a tree removal in a wetland area in MA during a clear autumn sky.

Wetland Tree Removal on the South Shore of Massachusetts: Everything You Need to Know

Before you even consider chopping down that towering oak, it's crucial to understand the legalities, environmental implications, and the steps involved. This article will guide you through this process and highlight some post-removal restoration measures.
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