How to Stop Tree Sprouts Without Killing Tree

Many property owners in Massachusetts love having large, beautiful trees in their yards. However, small areas of growth, tree sprouts or suckers, can take vital nutrients away from the trees they derive from. Knowing what you can do to keep your trees safe while removing sprouts is essential.

Top Notch Tree offers Rockland’s tree assessment service and free estimates. Read this guide to know how to stop tree sprouts without killing tree growth, then contact our trusted team to inquire about your tree service needs in and around Rockland, MA.

What Are Tree Sprouts and Why Are They a Problem?

Tree sprouts, or suckers, grow from a tree’s roots and compete with the tree for water, nutrients, and other vital resources for healthy living. 

The trees that you want in your yard could suffer from having sprouts stealing its resources. Many property owners don’t enjoy the appearance of sprouts and would much rather see their trees flourish without competition. If you don’t prevent or address tree sprouts properly, they may continue to pop up and do damage.

Tree sprouts mostly affect fruit-bearing trees, meaning they will yield less fruits for yourself or wildlife. Fortunately, you can take care of tree sprouts early before they become a major problem.

How to Stop Tree Sprouts Without Killing Tree

If you’re wondering how to stop tree sprouts without killing tree life around it, consider these three main removal methods:

Cut and Monitor Tree Sucker Growth

Snip tree sprouts as soon as they appear with shears, a knife, or pruners to avoid future growth. You should try to cut them as close to the surface as possible, but don’t harm the roots.

Apply a Mulch Covering

If you want to know how to stop tree sprouts without killing tree growth around it, consider mulching. Cover the trimmed sucker area with a black tarp before laying down a layer of mulch. You’ll prevent them from growing and have a healthy tree.

Mow Tree Sprouts or Suckers

You can mow the affected area but watch out for tree roots and the trunk. Mowing these spots consistently can keep sprouts from returning, but you may need to dig out stubborn growth with garden tools if they don’t budge. 

Other Tips for Safely Stopping Tree Sprout Growth

As professional tree service providers, we recommend the following tips for safely addressing tree sprouts:

  • Consult a professional for chemical control methods and before applying a growth inhibitor.
  • Herbicides are the least recommended option and mainly a last resort technique.

You can contract our expert business to ensure the safety of your trees and prevent the regrowth of annoying sprouts.

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