The Real Costs of a DIY Tree Trimming Project

Are you considering DIY tree trimming? As a leading provider of professional tree trimming in Rockland and surrounding areas, we strongly advise against taking on this risky task yourself. Cost efficiency is one common reason people attempt the task alone, but this is a myth when you consider the true costs involved.

Even if you’re a former contractor or know your way around power tools and safety equipment, we recommend hiring a tree care professional for the sake of your trees. Here’s why.

Tree Trimming Injuries Can Be Expensive

Incorrect tree trimming leaves open wounds on your trees that quickly invite fungal and insect infestations. So, for the sake of the tree, the surrounding plant life, and the microcosm these elements support, our arborists emphasize the importance of hiring professional tree trimmers. However, one of the most persuasive reasons to leave this task to the experts is the real risk of serious injuries.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, over 22,710 workplace injuries in 2020 were on ladders and bucket platforms. If you’re trimming with gas-operated chainsaws and telescopic models or have people and pets moving around below, the risks are even greater. 

In the tree care industry, many professionals still sustain injuries while on the job. The costs of an injury also add up quickly with physical therapy, hospitalizations, lost work days, pharmaceutical costs, and so much more. That’s why our licensed arborists at Top Notch Tree undergo years of technical training and professional supervision before offering their services to the public. 

Breakage, Replacements, and Liability Drive Up the Potential Costs for Tree Trimmers

Did you know that every ISA-certified arborist from companies like Top Notch Tree will carry a license from the ANSI National Accreditation Board? Professionals like these can handle all scenarios related to tree health, including the following:

  • Accurately diagnose infestations or diseases
  • Safely remediate weather-related damage
  • Expertly use advanced tools
  • Gently prune without endangering trees, people, or property

Experienced professionals also carry insurance and workers’ compensation to minimize customers’ liability in the case of an accident on-site. You won’t get the same cover with DIY tree trimming, whether for broken gutters, shattered skylights, cracked roof tiles from falling branches, or injuries.

Time is also Money When DIY Tree Trimming

Are you planning to spend a weekend trimming your tree? Why waste an afternoon doing potentially dangerous work only to find you’ve damaged your tree or, worse, yourself or your property? Leave the task to those with the technical expertise and insurance coverage to do the job safely.

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